Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Actions have consequences

This seems fairly obvious. If you leave home late you will be late to class. If you make an inquiry you will receive and answer. If you take a step forward you will see what is around the corner; conversely if you take no action you will remain stationary.
Sometimes the consequences are predicted and expected, other times they cause surprise. Sometimes the acticipation of a certain outcome prevents action or conversely the desire for a certain outcome drives action, but in both cases the outcome is not guaranteed to be as expected and sometimes leads to surprising and unexpected revelations. There are also those times when you do something just to make anything happen, because inaction can no longer be tolerated.


-- Carole -- said...

hey there!

I just found your blog thru trying to work out how to do expandable/collapsable posts....they look really good on your page!
my blog has way too much writing but i couldnt work out that guys instuctions - he said to put code in before the "head" tag but i couldnt find that in my code!!

please help!
carole x

-avp- said...

Hi Carole, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if I can help but here goes: First, make sure that the 'Expand Widget Template' box is checked, the '/head' is in that hidden code. Next, I found it helpful to copy all the code into a text editor and just to do a search for the '/head' tag. It is somewhere under the /* Footer---- */ heading. It's better to do the alterations within the 'Edit Template' window in blogger though, because depending on what text editor you use it might alter the code if it encounters characters it doesn't recognize, so when you paste it back, it will be messed up. Hope this helps, good luck!

-- Carole -- said...

argh, i just tried again - there's so much code involved and i am NO good at that!! I think i'm going to have to find me a friend who's really good with computers!

thanks for your help! x