Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good enough

As I am nearing the deadline for submitting my phd thesis, I am constantly battling with the thought that it is not good enough. That it could be so much better if I had more time to work on it. I found this great quote today from Scott Gilbert, author of the text book Developmental Biology and it gives me comfort.

"As Ian Wilmut (2001) said, "Life is messy, and science is a slice of life." If you seek perfection, go into math. Evolution and embryology make do with what they got, and "good enough" is indeed good enough."

All I really needed to know I learned during gastrulation.
CBE Life Sci Educ. 2008 Spring;7(1):12-3.
Wilmut, I. (2001). Wilmut I. et al. The Second Creation: Dolly in the Age of Biological Control, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University

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