Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving forward

I am spending my last days in Boston. In the past couple of weeks I have been disposing of things that at one time seemed so essential, but now are just dead weight. Bed, bookshelf, pots, pans, plants... At first I thought that letting go would be difficult, now I am enjoying tossing things in the trash, knowing that I never have to think of that item again. I am sure that I will miss none of it. Among the piles of stuff I found this bit of writing that I did to inspire me in dark times.

Reasurance for a weary heart and a fragile psyche

It's OK...
...not to have all the answers --- not knowing is the drive to make the next step

...to have an imperfect experiment --- serendipitous results arise unintentionally

...to repeat experiments --- results must be reproduced and it's OK if the outcome is different the second time

...not to agree on the interpretation of results with others --- many points of view provide a wider perspective

...to feel scared --- It is not OK to let fear inhibit/prevent action

...to make mistakes --- learn from them and move on

...to get negative results --- ponder on it and move to a new experiment

...to feel overwhelmed, sad, discouraged, stupid, and incompetent sometimes --- just remember that a mood passes, but the goal remains: keep your goal in mind and heart - like a beacon of light - and make steps toward it, however small even when all around you is darkness and despair

Carry the light with you. Let it burn away self-doubt and fear. Let it guide you toward your goal. Let it remind you that you are smart, strong and capable and can easily accomplish any goal!

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