Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Theme of the Day

I noticed long ago that my days have a theme to them.  It's hard to explain where the theme comes from, but I find that my thoughts all link to some central idea each day.  I thought it would be fun to record these, since usually I don't remember what the theme was a few days later.Today it is: Desire.  Mood can be influenced by internal factors (the way you think can lift your mood or sink it) or external (events, experiences, interactions with people, things that alter your internal chemistry all can have their effects on mood)  Where does desire come from?  It seems to be internal: I feel it like a strong pull originating somewhere in my gut and giving me tunnel vision in regards to anything that doesn't center around the object of my desire.  A significant portion of my metal faculties become preoccupied with building plans and fantasies.  And yet the object of desire is (almost) always external. It is an idea, person or thing that captures your attention and awakens desire. Once awoken, desire begs to be fulfilled it won't let your mind rest, even if you relegate it to a little corner, until the desire is fulfilled. Another interesting aspect of desire is that the outcome of fulfillment is not always the same as you imagined, but even so, you find yourself transformed in some way.

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