Friday, April 10, 2009

write something

Today I took the day off from going to lab to "work at home", because I really need to make my data into figures. However true to self, I managed to do everything but.

1. I found an interesting video about shortening spoken Japanese phrases (link). おはようございます becomes ~っざいます and ありがとうございます becomes あざっす. Oh, what fun! As if understanding spoken Japanese isn't difficult enough already.
2. I watched a video of a painting elephant.
3. I discovered that the reading room at Widener library has an atmosphere highly conducive to reading and comprehending scientific papers. Must return there regularly.
4. I cooked buckwheat, salmon and green beans (separately). The salmon required de-scaling, but the skin was well worth getting covered in flying scales.
5. I contemplated my life and the reasons for not doing everything I would like to be doing.
6. I played my cello fro the first time in probably three or four months and was delighted to find that I love it as much as ever, and that although my fingers got tired quickly, they remembered what they were supposed to be doing.
7. I mulled over the implementation of my plan to build a website, mostly as an exercise in website building and maitenance, since I am not at all sure about the content.
8. I came up with a plan to stop indecision in its tracks. I sometimes cannot decide on the best course of action or the best way to spend my time and so I can spend hours (seriously) going round and round reexamining each possibility accomplishing nothing. I decided that in such times the best thing to do is to exit that rotary, and so something else entierly. And that something will be writing something, so here I am.
oh, and 9. I learned the meaning of the word polysome, which is just another word for polyribosome. Maybe I knew this before and just forgot.

Today is a beautiful partly cloudy spring day with temperatures in the 60s. I enjoyed a very nice half hour walk from my house to Harvard square, bummed around the library and the science center and recaptured what it's like to be a student. I plan to enjoy an equally nice walk back.

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